Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scallop Po Boys

This is a simple way to make a healthier yet delicious Po Boy.  It calls for scallops and since I am not a fan of oysters it works for me.  The tangy sauce is so good and could be used in a lot of different recipes.  I adapted this from a few different recipes.

1 lb scallops (you could use bay scallops, I used what looked the best at the market)
panko or whole wheat bread crumbs

whole wheat hot dog buns


1/2 c mayo (I use light or plain greek yogurt)
1 clove minced garlic
1-2 T fresh lemon juice
zest of 1 lemon
hot sauce to taste ( I used Tabasco)
salt & pepper
mix together and cover with plastic wrap, keep in fridge until ready to use

I like to mix the sauce first and put it in the fridge, it gives it time for the flavors to meld. A sriracha sauce instead of Tabasco works well also if you like an extra kick.

      I remove scallops from container and slightly dry with paper towel.  Place in ziploc bag with crumbs, I remove scallops trying to press crumbs onto scallops.  I like them lightly breaded if you want a heavier breading you could do the dip in raw egg routine as with most breaded  things.  I place the scallops on a rack on top of a cookie sheet and bake till cooked this takes about 10-15 min at about 350 but watch them closely you don't want them to overcook --they'll get rubbery if they do.

to assemble:

Spread Lemon sauce onto toasted hot dog roll, add a few lettuce greens, then scallops.  They can be messy but they are yummy.

These call for a tall glass of ice tea or a good beer.

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