Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hot Cocoa Mix

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What a treat to give someone homemade cocoa mix.  It looks great in a jar, is easy to do, and who can go through winter without hot cocoa?  I found this recipe from Alton Brown on food channel.  Hot Cocoa vs Hot Chocolate, in the USA we interchange these terms but cocoa comes from the powdered form as opposed to chocolate which comes from the bar form.  What is your favorite Hot Chocolate/Hot Cocoa memory?

Hot Cocoa Mix

2 c confectioner sugar
1 c cocoa (dutch processed)
2 c powdered milk
1 tsp salt
2 t cornstarch

Mix well and be ready for it to fly all over, I used a large bowl and wire whisk.

I layered it in these jars which I found at Home Goods and some at Sur La Table--2 very favorite stores!

To make a cup the recipe says 1/3 of the cup with mix then mix in hot water to fill mug.

I mixed in a small amount of water with my frother to blend it well then poured in the water to fill the mug.

This is a nice mix not overly sweet which I like.  If you like a little more zip you can add some cayenne to the mix which Alton Brown had done but was afraid to add that since I was giving it to other people.  Which by the way they have all liked it, so if you try it let me know what you think.

I layered the marshmallows and mini choco chips
for looks but you should mix them in when ready to use.

My best Hot Chocolate ever was in 2004 in Perugia, Italy at Caffe Di Perugia.  It was like drinking the best melted chocolate you could imagine.  I have never been able to recreate it--probably a good thing.

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