Monday, November 21, 2011

Spinach Mac & Cheese

Let's face it, just about everyone I know will eat Mac & Cheese anytime so throwing in spinach makes it a step healthier.  This turned out so good!  I am a Mac & Cheese connoisseur, I would love to find out it is the healthiest low calorie thing to eat someday........I'll keep dreaming.
This is just my regular Mac & Cheese recipe with spinach added.  As I have in the original post I like using a variety of cheeses and therefore it always comes out a little different.  This night it was Gruyere (always a good choice & melts nicely), Cheddar, a small bit of Blue Cheese for the intensity, and some Parmesan.  So next time you want to add to that Mac & Cheese or healthy it up a bit through in some dark greens of your choice.

Penne Pasta
2 c skim milk
2T butter
2 T flour
garlic powder
ground mustard
fresh ground pepper
1 1/2 c grated cheese --total Gruyere, Cheddar, Parmesan, Blue Cheese
2 pkgs frozen spinach, cooked, drained and squeezed dry
breadcrumbs or club crackers crumbles for crunchy top 

Boil penne till al dente, drain, set aside.  In same pot melt butter, stir in flour to form rue, let cook 1 minute, stir in milk, spices and let thicken.  If it gets a little to thick slowly add more milk till desired consistency.   Add spinach & cheese stir till blended, mix in penne and spoon into buttered baking dish.  Top with a little more grated Gruyere cheese and breadcrumbs.  Bake till bubbly about 15 min in 350 oven.