Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sur La Table cooking class

I have always wanted to do this and finally got my schedule with their schedule to make it happen.  I do all the cooking around here but Jim was game for joining me on this, we had such a good time we are planning to go back.  Sur La Table is a store I have visited whenever we would be traveling to a city that had one, finally about a year ago Sur La Table came to the King of Prussia Mall.  Hurrah!  Love the store, and so glad this one included the cooking class area (some do not).  Our menu was cooking with Bourbon which neither of us care to drink as a drink, but the menu looked good with Bourbon used in each recipe.  Chef David Kinsey coached us through along with 10 other guests.  There ended up being a lot of couples and I have to say this makes a really fun date night.  It lasted about 2 hours and we ate our meal at the end of the class, although they don't rush you so if class runs long (which ours did) they are fine with it.  They give you a 10% coupon and leave the store open so if you want to purchase something you can.  While you are cooking there is water, coffee, and a few munchies which were greatly appreciated as the wonderful smells of the cooking food starts to fill the place.  Shoppers kept peering in to see what smelled so amazing.

Better with Bourbon Menu

Bibb Lettuce with Shaved Red Onion & Pecan Bourbon Vinaigrette

Chicken with Tangy Tomato and Bourbon Glaze

Bourbon-Braised Onions with Fresh Thyme

Individual Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pies

Braising onions, you can see we used a bit of Jim Beam!

Time to eat!  Salad vinaigrette was quite intense the only
part of the meal where the Bourbon wasn't cooked.

Chicken dish was my favorite!

although anything chocolate is always a winner.....

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