Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

For 18 years we have celebrated New Years Eve with 2 other families and as the years pass we sometimes have some offspring around but not as often as we would like.  When they were little it was a big night for them too, there was a meal for them, a meal for us and sometimes a sleepover.  Now we might have one show up for awhile but we still have a good meal and lots of laughs.  We take turns at each house and this year was our turn.  I've been battling a bad back (which is also why this  blog was not updated regularly and has some post dated entries) so between the back and post Christmas fatigue I went for easy comfort food and did Coq Au Vin, salad, Tiramisu and a Berry crumble for dessert.  Easy can sometimes be just as good as involved menus and this was the case, it was a great evening with good friends and good food.  Once again I didn't get the recipes and photos together so will have to post those recipes the next time I make them.  The crumble recipe has already been blogged.

Berry Crumble on right side
We had appetizers that were made from puff pastry cut into triangles to make a turnover with a bit of boursin cheese and salmon baked till pastry puffed......simple and turned out very good.  Also some cheese, nuts and fruit.

For the ringing in of the New Year we drank Prosecco that was poured over a melon ball size of raspberry sorbet, tasted great and made a nice presentation with a pretty pink color.

Yes, I wrote on those glasses with a sharpie pen.......a Martha Stewart idea....she's the best!    It washes off with dish soap and water but it does take a little rubbing with a soft sponge but not bad clean up.

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