Friday, June 1, 2012

Roasted Garlic, Spinach, Walnut, Pesto


1 5 oz pkg of fresh, washed baby spinach

1 C grated Parmesan Cheese

1 C walnuts

1 whole head of garlic

Salt to taste

About 3/4 C Olive oil


Wrap garlic in aluminum foil and roast in 350° oven for about 30 min till it is slightly brown on top.  A wonderful smell will fill the house as it roasts.  Allow to cool so that you can handle it then squeeze out as much garlic as you can, it should be paste consistency.

Place all ingredients into food processor except oil, pulse processor a few times then with processor running drizzle in olive oil till desired consistency.  You could add a bit of water if you like it thinner.

While still warm toss with hot pasta and enjoy.  It can also be frozen for another day or freeze in small portions to use as needed.

My Cuisinart is 30 years old, one of the most used items in
my kitchen the pesto is ready in seconds.

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