Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Treat

We get a very generous gift each year of homemade chocolate goodies.  It has candies but is mostly everyday favorites dipped in chocolate such as pretzels, marshmellows, nut clusters, etc.  While it is all wonderful (what dipped in chocolate wouldn't be?) but the favorite is the Oreo's dipped in chocolate.  I know you can buy Oreo's covered in chocolate but for some reason these are above and beyond the store bought.  So when the always beautiful tray arrives I try to keep it in tact until everyone arrives home, usually the first home has been carefully reaching around the wrappings taking out an Oreo so there is always a "shortage".  Well not this year I decided when that happened I would have a box ready to pull out that I had dipped........big hit with everyone. The only issue is not eating to many so this will be limited to holidays or special occasions. I think they become so rich one is about all I can handle, but with a cup of tea or coffee it is so satisfying.

Dipped Oreo's

Pkg of good dipping chocolate


you could buy a pkg of white dipping chocolate also if you'd like to decorate them it is very easy and adds a lot to the look.

Melt your chocolate over a double boiler, dip the cookies in I used a fork and tongs to remove them and then lay them on sheets of parchment to dry.  Store in air tight container.
Easy, quick and delish!

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