Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Handwritten Recipes

This  Epicurious article caught my eye since part of my starting this blog was to get the pile of handwritten recipes off my shelf, out of my cookbooks, out of my purse and actually be able to find the one I want that I know is somewhere around here.  The article of course led me to the blog and what a fun idea bookstore owner Michael Popek, in Oneonta, New York has come up with.

The blog http://www.handwrittenrecipes.com/ is at this address and definitely worth a visit.  I have recipes from my grandmothers and when you find the piece of paper they don't always have all the measurements, or instructions, and sometimes they used a made up shorthand.  In trying to make some of the recipes I end up guessing hoping it is at least close to what they used.  What a triumph though to recreate something you had as a child even if it isn't exactly as you remembered.  I like that after the recipe he has what book he found the recipe in, a little connection to another time and place.  We traveled by this town on our last visit north I think on our next trip we'll be stopping in to see the bookstore........if my husband blog it would be about books, bookstores, book bindings, libraries, reading chairs, reading lamps...........so he'll be thrilled when I tell him we have a bookstore to stop at.  

I blogged this recipe that was one of my handwritten recipes that needed to be deciphered:

Grandma Gibson's Lemon Meringue Pie

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