Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fluffy French Omlette

Near the border of Brittany and Normandy France just off the shore is such an amazing place words or pictures cannot give it full justice.  It takes being there and feeling the history to really believe this place exists.    Mont Saint-Michel has a population of about 40 people, it is now a tidal island after millions of years of erosion connected by a causeway.  A monastic establishment was built there in the 8th century, a top pilgrimage site for Christians and now a very popular tourist spot.  There is a disorienting fog that will move in and also quicksand if you are walking through the mudflat.  As you enter in it's a walk back in time. Wandering up the old street and stopping to get a glimpse of the view you make your way to the Abbey at the top, well worth every step.  At the bottom is a restaurant "La Mere Poulard" that is famous for it's omelet.   I wanted to recreate the omelet when we got home, but of course I don't have the open fire which does add a distinct flavor not to mention the atmosphere of "La Mere Poulard".  The day we were there was a bit damp & gray, so the cozy restaurant with the warm meal was the perfect ending to the magnificent walk to the top.

spire of Mont Saint-Michel


Their version served with truffle potatoes, lobster and tea.

my version served with whole wheat toast and coffee
seperate eggs into 2 seperate bowls, beat egg whites till stiff peaks form
slightly beat yolks

carefully fold them together trying not to break down whites

when blended pour into saute or omelet pan

Cover the pan, I use another pan to allow for the height.

bottom will brown, when desired doneness--fold and slide onto plate

fold and slide to plate

It isn't like having the omelet at Mont Saint Michel but it is a nice variation with some good memories.  Try google images for some amazing photos of this special place.

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