Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jello Cream Pie with pretzel crust

This is low sugar/low carb/low calorie for when you want a dessert but you are trying to loosen your clothes.  Actually it is pretty yummy anyway.  The salt in the pretzels and the tart of the berries are great together.  This is a take on an old 70's dessert with a pretzel crust,  strawberry jello with strawberries and there was a layer with a cream cheese mixture, it was light and refreshing.  The recipe is here at Taste of Home magazine if you want the original Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Recipe  Great for summer picnics.

Pretzels (you can get the multigrain to make it a little healthier)
1 stick butter softened
l large sugar free jello (strawberry & raspberry are good with the pretzels)
1 container sugar free cool whip thawed
berries chopped

Put pretzels into food processor (I have never measured this but about 2 cups pretzel crumbs after processed)  add the butter and process till it resembles a graham cracker crust mixture.  Empty into pie plate, press with bottom of measuring cup into pie plate and up sides.  Bake at 350 for 10 min.

Mix jello as package directs with boiling water, then do the quick method of adding ice water stir till ice is melted, add chopped berries.  Let set in refrigerator for a few minutes till it starts to thicken, then mix in half of cool whip pour into cooled crust and return to fridge.  Top with remainder of cool whip.

bake about 10min
It will get just a little more golden in color

mix jello with ice to speed thickening

top with more cool whip

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