Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Curry Chicken

This is about as basic as you can get but on a busy night you can put it together quickly and the seasoning is always a hit at this house.

boneless, skinless chicken
curry seasoning
chicken broth
vegetables of your choice (carrots, onions, celery used here)

serve it with basmati rice with peas

Sear chicken just till golden brown, remove from pan set aside, saute vegetables till slightly browned, stir in curry seasoning (do this to taste you can always add later if you want more), stir in broth enough to cover ingredients and return chicken to pan.  Let this all simmer till cooked through, you can use chicken with the bones still in, and thighs or legs if you want dark meat.  It needs to simmer at least 30-40 minutes or longer for flavors to meld.
If broth reduces to much for your liking you can add more.  If you decide you want more curry whisk it in so it blends well and allow to simmer a little more.

Meanwhile cook rice as directed on pkg we tend to like ours a bit drier and you will be topping with some of that curry sauce.  When rice is just about done stir in some frozen peas.

try different curry's till you
 find your favorite 

also had added Kale to it this night

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